The many faces behind the study "Vaud Innove".

The "Vaud innove" study is the result of intensive collaboration between BCV, CVCI and Innovaud, supported by several other partners.

Analytic team:

  • Matthieu Gallet de Saint Aurin, Alumni SVSC
  • Clément Javerzac-Galy, Alumni SVSC

Editorial committee:

  • Patrick Barbey,  Director, Innovaud
  • Joao-Antonio Brinca, Head of Strategy and Organization, BCV
  • Julien Guex, Deputy Director, CVCI

Redaction and edition team:

  • Jean-Pascal Baechler, Head of the Economic Observatory - BCV
  • Fabrice Delaye, Journalist
  • Jean-François Krähenbühl, Communication Officer - CVCI
  • Fanny Oberson, Communication Manager - CVCI
  • Christophe Roulet, Journalist

Coordination and communication team:

  • Corinne Baffou, Editorial Manager - BCV
  • Lorys Bühler, Mediamatician Trainee - CVCI
  • Christine Fuchs, Head of Marketing - CVCI
  • Roselyn Ormond, Events manager - Innovaud
  • Philippe Ravy, Production and edition manager - BCV
  • Lara Rossi, Head of communication - Innovaud
  • Laetitia Schaller, Community Manager - BCV
  • Daniela Valiani, Administration and Finance manager - Innovaud

Creatives agencies:

  • Emphase Sàrl
  • Nobody Agency
  • Didier Oberson